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Security against unknown numbers – how to deal with it?

When deciding on a clear presence in the network, we must be aware of certain threats that await us on potentially every website. If we are popular, for example on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other Social Media, criminals are much easier to get useful data for them – such as place of residence, information about diseases or bank account number. In the era of open information for everyone, each tip is valuable on how we can protect ourselves from cheaters. Remember, however, that such indecent situations take place not only in the Internet itself. The problem also concerns things that probably everyone in the world has, namely a mobile phone. The great thing is that the same Internet, in which there are many dangers, also brings us great opportunities for protection. Without prolonging, get to know

Check who called me in a few moments

If the area code of the number that just calls you or calls you suspicious, then definitely do not answer or call back. Why? In this way, criminals try to stretch you on enormous costs (up to several dozen dollars per minute of connection) through a regular mobile phone. What then should you do? Go to the website, where in a few moments you can find a lot of information about each cell number. How does it work? All you need to do is enter the number of the person who is calling you, and the website itself will take you to the appropriate place where basic information and comments of other users about this number are gathered. Check it out by clicking here: who called me.

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