What is web hosting and how do I choose the right one for me?

You or your company have been considering creating a website. Whether it is a personal portfolio, a blog, or even an e-commerce website you will need web hosting to power it.


What exactly is web hosting you may ask, and why do you need it? Web hosting companies allow you to host your own website on their servers (for a small charge). It means that you do not have to install any additional hardware and/or software in your house or office, which can be very expensive to setup as well as maintain it. It can also be unreliable due to an internet connection that is not designed for this purpose.


It is important to choose a good web hosting provider at the beginning to avoid a troublesome migration later down the line. The most important aspects of a good web hosting package are: blazing fast performance, great support and good value for money.

Blazing Fast Performance

Whatever you choose, doesn’t matter if it is a website or a blog your site needs to load fast.

Not only will this aid with keeping visitors but it will also help rank higher in search engines such as Google, who treat website speed as an important factor in ranking websites.In order for a web hosting to be fast in needs to provide at the very least: SSD disk drives which contain no moving parts compared to traditional hard drives, an optimized operating system such as CloudLinux and a premium web server such as LiteSpeed.

Great Support

You might be okay at first but there might be a time where something might go wrong or you will need some assistance in setting something up. This is why it is important to choose a web hosting provider that will provide great customer support so that you can always get in touch and solve any issues that you may have.

Good Value for Money

A hosting provider whose packages are good value for money often come with additional goodies. These are little things but can go a huge way in helping you set-up and maintain a high quality website. Some common features include: a one-click application installer, a website builder and DDoS protection.


SollHost, a UK based company, is a good example of a web hosting provider that meets all of the above requirements and more.