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What is microcement and popular application

Microcement is  a  product that is used  to repair old cracked concrete.

It consists of cement powder, water, an added colour works best on inside applications, horizontal surfaces generating a smooth neat surface. Actually, microcement is usually applied in  indoor concrete, garages, hotels, office centers, shopping centers, open plaza, museums, general interior surfaces. It is also a waterproof material, so you can use it in kitchens, bathrooms, shower box etc. Why it is ideal for new buildings?  Firstly, it enables them a minimal, modern look. Secondly, it can innovate surfaces, if they are damaged or no more stylish. There is also an opportunity to create your own surface using different colour, effect and finish. Microcement floors are easy to keep up and cleaned with water and soft soap. Moreover, there is no need to remove current material to apply, even though it has minimum density  about 2-3 mm thick. Using microcement over concrete areas can guarantee a suave surface and long-lasting finish. Mold is not a problem for this material. In fact, microtopping was originally created to reduce the claim for water. It is easy to use and gives an ability to stick to other materials, so that microcement repairs effectively cracked or old concrete structures. The quick drying of the material  gives designers, who are working with the idea of redecorating their homes with surface option, an opportunity to minimally disrupt their other projects. Actually, the covered surface could be functional within 1 day. As result you save time, money and mess. During two days microcemento  reaches 60% of mechanical properties and chemical resistance, and strengthening of  90% takes 28 days. In these four weeks of curing there is the greatest risk of scratching  the floor  with microcement. Therefore flooring maintenance is very important in this period in order to have a perfect finish. Especially during the first month and the first week it  is recommended to protect as much as you can, to take care particularly when you are moving furniture and try to avoid spilling liquids. We have analyzed the work requirements and expected result and detected five types of microcement: microstone, aquaciment, microfino, microdeck, microbase. We are sure, that next time when you will be considering which material you want to use, you will , no doubt, take microcement. But don’t forget about qualified, certified, experienced and trained  expert as the material is rather complicated one.

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